Tutorial level

We added a tutorial level to give you an introduction to the game. We also added couple other features that are meant to showcase the possibilities in the future. 

Modular player character
The player character now consists of 3 different parts. Chassis, body and head (gun). Currently the parts are randomized to showcase you the kind of things we would be able to make customisable in the future. We also have 2 different guns now, a machine gun and a flamethrower.

We also created a prototype of the first boss. Which there are currently 2 to combat the easy difficulty the boss had previously.  The boss has an energy shield and 3 weapons (machine gun, laser and rockets). 

We also greatly polished the visuals of the game. We'd be grateful for any feedback.

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You can also join our mailing list at: http://robovirusgame.com/ and join our discord at: https://discord.gg/7s4Kw4V


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Apr 19, 2018

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